Success Stories

Mrs. Rose D.Mrs. Rose D.

“To God Be the Glory and my daughter Jeanetta O. (FHCC/HR) for bringing me here.” 

That is the phrase continuously echoed by Mrs. Rose D.  Before a crowd of Church members, FHCC staff and residents, recently Mrs. D. shared how she came from near death (her description) to full life.

Mrs. D. shared how she just wanted to give up because of her illness and treatment at other facilities without success.  She shared the care provided by the treatment nurses and other staff at FHCC was a success.  She has progressed from 24 hour bed rest to therapy and visiting with others in the facility.  While she is not at 100% recovered she is well on her way;  clinical care staff says about 95%.  She is pictured with that beautiful smile that radiates as she shares the message of God’s word.

We salute our team here at FHCC for their compassionate, skilled care provide to our residents and Mrs. Rose.

AnnaMae T.

AnnaMae T.

“I am ready to go home now.; thank you for everything!.” Mrs. AnnaMae T. shared those words with us before discharging to home.  A familiar face to our facility;  she placed her mother in Franklin Health Care  Center (previously Franklin Nursing Home) about 25 years ago then her son, a resident of our Butterfly Memory Care Neighborhood.  Mrs. AnnaMae came to us after surgery requiring further physical and occupational  therapies.   Meeting with the Therapy Team daily and following the program her pain reduced,  ambulation became less stressful and surprisingly her social skills improved.  The lady that did not want to get out of bed or visit initially transformed to a motivated being, going to BINGO, attending coffee socials and  involvement in other facility activities before going home.  Hats off to Mrs. AnnaMae!!!

Clarence B.

Clarence B.

Clarence B. recently received Therapy Services and has reached his goal!.  During the admission process and nurse evaluation the resident was unable to walk independently or maneuver his wheelchair.  After several months of physical and occupational therapy services he can properly transfer from bed to wheelchair and has been observed walking a short distance with a cane.  Congratulations Mr. Clarence




Mrs. Howard B.

Mr. Howard B.

Mr. Howard B. was admitted to our facility for Therapy and Wound care services. Therapy and our Wound Care Treatment Team partnered to provide services allowing him to return home sooner than he had anticipated. Now he is able to ambulate with assistance, enjoy meals and perform most of his ADLs independently. Great Progress!






S. Vercher

Sara V.“I received this sweater for my 86th birthday and I love this place and the people are SO good to me” (Mrs. Vercher)

“Mrs.  Vercher was driven to reach her goals.  She came in everyday ready to work towards her independence.  She came in to us in a wheelchair and you can now spot her walking around the facility mingling with everyone; she is a true success!”  (Matthew Landry, Director of Rehab).

Prior to coming to Franklin Health Care Center Mrs. Vercher resided in Coldwater, MS and with determination and the assistance from Tabitha (grand-daughter) she made the transition to our facility.  Requesting a tour prior to her admission; she entered the facility wheelchair bound singing; “thank God I am here and you all accepted me to live in this place.”  Former school teacher and Christian she can be seen throughout Franklin Health Care Center encouraging others (residents and staff) to make improvements in their lives, and give thanks to God.

Mr. Raymond b.“Excuse me, may I have a moment with you?”

The famous daily greeting to all staff from Mr. Raymond B., former resident of Franklin Health Care Center.

Mr. Raymond was admitted to our facility with orders for therapy services due to a recent injury.  Within that time, he exceeded his goals in the disciplines of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies.  Because of these excellent services he was able to return home, resume independent living and pamper his puppy, Gretchen.  Mr. Raymond is a writer of several manuscripts, retired journalist for the local newspaper and served in the U.S. Army.

Upon discharge from our facility he shared the following:

  • “My stay was very good
  • If my doctor said I had to go to a nursing home, I would return to Franklin Health Care Center
  • I would definitely recommend this place to others
  • I love the Rehab. staff especially Matt; he taught me to be patient and follow the rules on the program
  • I like the food; it is very good
  • Staff like Tina A., CNA is terrific
  • The nurses were good with me like Donna C. LPN/ADON and Vanessa W., RN
  • The layout of the facility is very good
  • I really want to pay special attention to the kitchen because everything was very good
  • Before I conclude I want to give a special tribute to Matt L. in Therapy because he taught me a lot”

Mrs. Audrey V.

Mrs. Audrey V.

“Success for me was determination to get better, my husband, and my Catholic faith.”

“I can now speak clearly, play with my dog, Bubba and make plans to spend time with my grandchildren, “shares, Mrs. Audrey V.  a resident of Franklin Health Care & Rehabilitation Center from November 2017 to June 2018.  Her journey began with a visit to her primary care provider, routine medical procedures, to becoming a resident in our facility for extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions.

Her career as an educator in several schools lasted 55 years where she taught Social Studies, Business and Math.  She earned her credentials from SLT now known as ULL, a top university in Lafayette, La.  She and her husband, Coach Ed credits the Therapy Team at FHCC and their restorative program for exhibiting patient, compassionate care while addressing her needs.  When asked whether she would choose us again, she replied “yes,” loudly with a big smile.  Coach Ed expressed his deep appreciation for Mary P., Edlena B., and Ora N., Restorative Team CNAs, saying; “they were wonderful while taking care of my wife.”

Mrs. Gurtie B.

“Mrs. Gurtie B. gathered recently to celebrate her 100th birthday at Franklin Health Care. Those pictured represent 5 generations of family members.”

Precious Watson

“I was not standing too good, but now I have reached my attainable GOALS.”
– Precious

Coming to Franklin Health Care Center was not an easy decision for me as an independent woman. My love for family, children in the community and my neighbor was something second nature for me following my love for God.

Coaching sports for the girls and boys in our community brought much joy to my heart and I was always identified as a GOOD Listener.

Facing loosing a limb changed my positive outlook on life until I became a resident at Franklin Health Care Center and was placed in the care of the staff. Comparing then and now, initially I felt sorry for myself but now it is an awakening to the prospect of becoming the independent woman I spoke of previously.

Because of the Therapy Team and staff at Franklin Health Care have:

  • Learned to stand independently
  • Transfer myself independently
  • My speech improved
  • I can shower comfortably
  • I can say with a smile on my face: things are getting much better

Transitioning to home the goals she shared are:

  1. Resuming her cooking skills
  2. Doing the laundry
  3. Driving
  4. Going garage shopping
  5. Returning to her active life of being involved with the youth, the community and her family

success story, agnes smiling at the camerasuccess story, agnes with nurseI am happy Now

In the beginning:
“I was not walking”
“I was not sociable”
“All I wanted to do was stay in the bed”

“I am happy and have a purpose in my life.  I am a widow of 38 years.  I chose not to get married again because I am not looking and no one asked.” – BIG laugh. Her self-confidence has increased with therapy.  Social interaction has improved with the staff and residents.  Agnes now takes the initiative to  help others.
– Agnes