Short-Term Therapy Success Stories: S. Vercher

“I received this sweater for my 86th birthday and I love this place and the people are SO good to me” (Mrs. Vercher)

“Mrs. Vercher was driven to reach her goals. She came in everyday ready to work towards her independence. She came in to us in a wheelchair and you can now spot her walking around the facility mingling with everyone; she is a true success!” (Matthew Landry, Director of Rehab).

Prior to coming to Franklin Health Care Center Mrs. Vercher resided in Coldwater, MS and with determination and the assistance from Tabitha (grand-daughter) she made the transition to our facility. Requesting a tour prior to her admission; she entered the facility wheelchair bound singing; “thank God I am here and you all accepted me to live in this place.” Former school teacher and Christian she can be seen throughout Franklin Health Care Center encouraging others (residents and staff) to make improvements in their lives, and give thanks to God.

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